Ewing Library Second Photo Exhibit Of Panda Bears

There are only


panda bears left in this world!

They have been here on earth

long before the dinosaurs.

The world’s most cuddly animal

is on the endangered list of species.

For a second time now

(get it, yet?)

Many Colors of Ink L.L.C.

is sponsoring a photo exhibit on behalf of

Pandas International,

a registered 501 (c) (3) non-profit org.


50% of all sales

stays with this non-profit organization.


a framed in bamboo photo

is your


charitable contribution.

All panda photos

were taken in Chengdu, China

They can be viewed in the gallery below

and on display in the Ewing Library

through the end of October 2011

61 Scotch Road, Ewing, NJ

To buy your own

Email: GinnyRoth@gmail.com or call 609-671-9555

Include: Your contact information, and the photo list number(s) that interests you.

Prices are by photo frame size:

$30 for PS-5×7

$60 for PS-8×10

(click to enlarge any photo)

ps-8x10-09 Three Pandas Play - $60

ps-8x10-08 The Climber - $60

ps-8x10-07 Marking a Tree - $60

ps-8x10-06 Coming and Going - $60

ps-8x10-05 Panda Crossing - $60

ps-8x10-04 Two Giant Pandas - $60

ps-8x10-03 Lunching alone - $60

ps-8x10-02 Munching on bamboo - $60

PS-8x10-01 The Curious Pandas - $60

PS-5x7-07 The shy panda - $30

PS-5x7-06 Panda Belly Crawl - $30

PS-5x7-05 Panda on a curve - $30

PS-5x7-04 Walking Alone - $30

PS-5x7-01 Lunch on a tree top - $30


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